+++ Montag 23.01.2017, 20:30 Uhr:
Theater Rampe, Filderstrasse 47, Stuttgart

Who`s Spike Jones?

„Welcome, music lovers, to the cheerfully deranged world of Spike Jones and his City Slickers. There's gunshots and cowbells aplenty, not to mention class hostility, first-rate musicianship, subverted expectations, hair-trigger timing, and more than enough material for that interesting subset of folks looking to be offended, who might like to begin, actually, with the lyrics to the recitative or lead-in to the "Chinese Dance" in Spike's Nutcracker Suite-- although mild compared to, oh say your average Chinese celebrity roast, this will require the sort of listener who either wants to wince with embarrassment or can find in vintage bigotry quaint refuge from the more virulent forms encountered in our own era. There is certainly lots of it here to go around. (…) "My band's got rhythm," Spike said once, "and to it we add a guffaw. We get along by not taking anything serious." Which, if not heavy duty prophecy, turns out at least to be his maniac's blessing and gift, finally, to us, adrift in our own difficult time, with moments of true innocence, like good cowbell solos, few and far between.“ - Thomas Pynchon 

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