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"Where The Fun Is" Die Geschichte des New Yorker Punk Platten Labels Ork Records

"The history of record making is full of crazy characters, people who aren’t musicians but get it before other people do. They see something, their brains get lit up and they go on a mission." Chris Stamey (db`s)

"What enters your mind first when you hear the words “New York punk”? The bar at Max’s Kansas City? The bathroom at CBGB? A 1-2-3-4 count-off? Johnny Ramone’s hair? Odds are it won’t have anything to do with independent record labels. Only a handful of true indies existed in New York at the height of ’70s punk, and most of them—like the Robert Mapplethorpe-financed imprint Mer, which released Patti Smith’s first single, or Private Stock, which originally issued Blondie’s debut—were short-lived outliers whose lasting impact is debatable. But there was one exception, at least in the lasting impact department: Ork.
From Television, to Richard Hell, to The Feelies, Ork Records’ releases are an embarrassment of riches of influential early punk. An immigrant from the West, sometime Andy Warhol associate and bookstore owner Terry Ork (born William Terry Collins in Tulsa, Okla.) started the label that bore his name in 1975 to put out a 45 by the band he’d just started to manage, Television. The company stumbled through five years, dogged by money trouble and sunk by unworkable business plans. However, the list of artists associated with it remains astounding. Besides Television, whose epic “Little Johnny Jewel” would be reason enough to celebrate Ork’s existence for the ages, there was Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Alex Chilton, the Feelies, the dB’s, Cheetah Chrome…even fabled critic Lester Bangs moonlighting as a rock frontman." The New York Observer

Michael Piltz erzählt die Geschichte des New Yorker Punk Platten Labels Ork Records und stellt Hörbeispiele vor.