+++ Montag 19.01.2015, 20:30 Uhr:
Tonstudio (stillgelegt), Ecke Langestra�e/Theodor-Heuss Stra�e 23, Stuttgart

"Kiss Me Again" The Music Of Arthur Russell - Konzert / Infotainment

"Arthur Russell's music is alive with invention, playfulness, spontaneity, and what we often call »Soul«. He made music that defies categorisation and I think that is because, unlike a lot of musicians, he was not hemmed in by notions of genre; something that is useful only in helping to sell music, not to make it or listen to it. He was led by whatever style or styles he found fascinating and he explored those with the vigour and interest of a child at play.
Somewhere along the way, he became a pioneer within early house and disco, having started out somewhere more strummy and songwritery, before passing through the world of modern composition and improvised music. If you were to hear his pieces for electric cello you would likely not recognise them as the work of the same man who made underground club music." (Alexis Taylor/Hot Chip)

Ein Abend mit den Musikern Max Braun, Fola Dada, Philipp Eissler, Joscha Glass, Johann Polzer, Andreas Schäfer, Uwe Schenk, Matteo Scrimali, Sea + Air, u.a..