+++ Montag 07.03.2011, 20:30 Uhr:
Tonstudio (stillgelegt), Ecke Langestra�e/Theodor-Heuss Stra�e 23, Stuttgart

Konzert: Superorgel


»...in this age of rapid music consumption, everyone wants to label music, as well as the bands performing it. But how do you label a band whose music has been called ‘jazz’, but is not – ‘rock’n’roll’ and ‘sixties psychedelia’, yet is both and neither? Instrumental music, performed solely on Drums and Hammond organ; melodic yet monotonous, sometimes smooth and melancholic, sometimes exploding and intensely groovy?«

»The short answer is: You don’t. You don’t need to. There is no single generic term that fully explains the music made by SUPERORGEL.«